Training by the numbers from last week

This is what I did last week. I am getting ready for the upcoming half marathon, but also want to keep up with Turbo Fire. I am on the last week of my first month. I am also trying out the Jillian Michael’s 6pack abs work out. I was pretty tired and added more complex carbs to my Gluten Free diet. Adding sticky brown rice and green bananas seemed to help keep my energy somewhat up after my workouts. I also drink nuun and Skratch lemon lime for hydration and a recovery drink after tough long workouts (I’ll get into that stuff more on another day.

Overall a good week.

22 miles run
40 minute bike
  – Fire 30/Tone 30
  – Fire 45
  – Fire 30/Sculpt 30
  – Fire 55
  – HIIT 30
Jillian Michael’s 6 WEEKS TO 6 pack abs level 1
Lots of dog walking.

Next week should be more of the same…


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