Taper week and Training by the numbers for last week

This week is taper week, for my upcoming 13.1 race.



Tapering has always been so confusing and difficult for me. Some say rest and eat! Others say do 60% of your normal training and eat 60-70% carbs of your total calorie intake. I’ve also read the 10 days before a half or full to complete Tempo runs, weights and cross train and that gaining weight is ok?! All of this information makes my head spin! I always try to taper but I am never sure if it was a success or not. This upcoming week I plan to do a dash of strength and stretching, a dab of Tempo, a pinch of cross training and a 5k…oh yea and a rest day. I am going to eat veggies,fruits,rice and quinoa, some protein and see how I do.

Should be a nice run!

Should be a nice run!

Last weeks training numbers:
Fire 55ez
Fire 30 x 2
Turbo sculpt
Turbo Tone
Fire 45
22 miles run
40 min stationary bike time
Jillian Micheals 6 week 6 pack abs
1 hour Riding
Are you confused by the Taper?
Do you have any suggestions for me on how I should taper for my 13.1 race on Saturday?


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