Pre-Race massage

I try to get a pre-race massage before any of my big races, with my 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half just around the bend I called up Shelly at Inlight Studios for a massage and tried out the Infrared Sauna.

Shelly is my go to massage therapist. She is great. A great person who is very knowledgable in all her skills. Shelly is an Ironman, Spin instructor, runs and of course swims (just to name a few of her skills/accomplishments)~ and has let me borrow her awesome Tri K2 road bike for my first Sprint Tri in September. I am so happy to have met her!

Infrared saunas offer many health benefits including:
•Reduce Blood Pressure
•Increase Your Core Body Temperature
•Aid in Weight Loss (up to 600 calories in one hour)
•7x MORE Detoxification than a Traditional Sauna
•Pain Relief
•Better Circulation
•Skin Purification

I love a good sauna to begin with, but this was extra great; especially right before my massage. Shelly says the Infrared Sauna heats you from the inside, that is what makes it different from the normal everyday gym sauna.

I think I was probably calmer, more relaxed, and (in my own words) less tense and easier to massage after the Infrared Sauna. I tend to be a bit robot-ish and stiff.

Going forward, I will not get a massage without being in the Infrared Sauna first. I strongly suggest you try it out for yourself!

Do you get a pre-race or post-race massage? Or do you get both?


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