Tri-training, first biking recap

There are many types of bike riding, there is…

This type of riding.

This type of riding.

this type

this type

or maybe

this type

this type

And most definitely,

This type!

This type!

HA! Yep, you guessed it! That is naked bike riding…

I didn’t do any of those types of biking last week, but I did take out Shelly’s K2 for a spin and learned a few lessons about Road Biking.

napolian w kip

Got to the bike path around 5:30am and quickly realized that the bike seat height is different from what I am used too. It took me a few minutes but then I was able to do a running quick step,step,step – HOP up and get on, start, and was on my way.

First things first, check how the gears work! But I didn’t realize that the brakes act as gear shifter too, DUH, and I rode in only one gear the whole time swearing up and down the bike was broke. But it wasn’t. Just the old kick in the tush user error!  Thank you to Downingtown Bike Shop for setting me straight and getting me back out on the bike path faster.

Ended the ride well, but not tired at all. I need to find a different longer trail with less down hill! At least I didn’t do this!



Do you have riding tips for me for my next ride?



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