Tri-training swimming

Last week was my first week of Tri-Training Swimming.

I haven’t been in the pool for a while but quickly remembered how to breathe and what not. I also quickly remembered how it was not like running and quickly was out of breath. I needed to slow down, so, I did some kick boarding in between laps and then towards the end of the first day in the pool I was back to flip turns and feeling my old self again.

Ice Age,,, fond memories

AWWW Ice Age,,, fond memories

Something I saw the lady next to me doing, with some ease, was breathing on both the left and the right.

Is that better?

Hum, so this past Sunday after my training laps were done, I tried it out. At first I was having a good deal of trouble but after about my 5th half lap I was feeling pretty good breathing on both sides. I typically only breath on my left, so I am a bit slower doing both but will keep training with it a little at a time and see if I get a benefit.

Do you breath on both the right and left side?


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