Starting off too fast?

We read, write, hear and tell our runner friends and acquaintances that running out too fast at the start of a long distance race can ruin a great race and rightfully so.  When we train as long and as hard as we do, we can’t chance ruining a great race in the first few miles and we don’t want anyone else learning  that awful lesson first hand.

The things I say to myself when I am starting a long distance race, to keep from sprinting than crashing, come from many places. From my parents or sisters. Also I hear this from my friends, extended family, the books and blogs I read, and many many internet sites. This is because everyone agrees on this topic.

This is my top list of what I say to myself to speed up SLOW DOWN at the start of a distance race.

Starting with my most favorite,
Your not going to win the race in the first mile!

– Run your own race!
– Don’t worry about people passing you now, you will end up passing them later on!
– Negative splits are what I aim for, if you run out too fast you my not accomplish that.
– Who needs to be with the pack? Not me!

what do you say to yourself to stop from starting too fast?


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