Pre race contemplations, days before my first triathlon

So, here I am, the Thursday before my first triathlon on Sunday. I have trained for 3 months; where I

have completed 4 training open water swims.
1. 4th lake Adirondacks, NY (used wetsuit)
2. 4th lake Adirondacks, NY
3. Atlantic Ocean, Kiawah Island, SC
4. Blue Marsh Lake, Leesport, PA
(5. non-official, Hudson River Swim)

-completed 3x weekly swim sessions
-completed up to 50 miles a week runs
-completed not as many bikes as I should have but accomplished two 90 minute rides

I think I have the conditioning covered.
sbr 090501

Regarding the nutrition, I have had my ups and downs this summer. I lost some weight, regained some weight and am settling right in between at this point. I can’t say I am happy about it but I am lighter than when I started.

I met with my Personal Trainer Katie last week, she took my measurements. Yep, the slight weight gain increased my inches – BUT – my muscles are stronger and not as tight as I was 6 weeks ago. I am also running faster! My typical training run used to be between a 9:00 – 9:30 min mile for up to 6 miles. NOW it is between 8:30-9:00 min. miles for training runs up to 6 miles and that is after a bike or a swim. So, I have to say – I am happy!

Ok, so like I said, and like the title says “Pre race contemplations, days before my first triathlon” I have set the following goals and I am excited to see where I land on race day.

The event is 1/2 mile swim in the bay, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

Plan C (worst case scenario)
Swim 30 minutes
T1 5 minutes
Bike 50 minutes
T2 5 minutes
Run 30 minutes
Finish time 2 hours.

Plan B (middle of the road scenario)
Swim 25 minutes
T1 5 minutes
Bike 45 minutes
T2 5 minutes
Run 28 minutes
Finish time 1 hour 48 minutes

Plan A (pie in the sky scenario)
Swim 23 minutes
T1 4 minutes
Bike 43 minutes
T2 4 minutes
Run 27 minutes
Finish time 1 hour 41 minutes

What ever I do will become my base line so I really, I just want to finish without my shirt ending up around my mid-section with my belly hanging out, my helmet be on straight for the photos, and I get through the finish line with a smile and a tear of joy!finish line

Now briefly, back on nutrition. oatmealIt is without a doubt completely unlike me to not have everything planned to the complete ultra second, my clothes, my shoes, my hair, my visor and my nutrition timing. But this go around, I guess since I am so wacked out because I have very little clue what to expect on race day, my brain went blank. So I am thinking I’ll do some Nuun, (Baby Nu-nu, as my niece and nephew lovingly call my Nuun bottles), two scoops of Mikes recovery shake, and a Gu gel just in case. I think I will be fine, it’s only 2 hours right? I’ve trained for much longer than that on less. Oh yea, I’ll eat oatmeal and a banana before race time.  The night before I think I will do some vegan mexican. Yea, that will work.i want my potty

I’ll talk more later about my big stress of this whole thing in another post. (Don’t get me wrong, I am loving every minute.)

I want my baby nu-nu.

I want my baby nu-nu.

So, what do you think? Are those reasonable plans? Any tips or tricks of the trade you want to pass on to me?