Iron Girl 2013 Race day recap… Finally

Part one…before the swim

The morning started at around 4 am. Oatmeal maken, bag packen, clothes putten on all went smooth. We were out the door and on the road to Sandy Hook, NJ.




I had placed my bike in the transition the night before but the Iron Girl people suggested all be parked and ready for the race by 4:30-5 am. We parked and walked and walked and (you guessed it) walked to the race transition bike rack area. It was quite a long dark walk. I like to remember it as a beautiful star filled warm up.



Bike and transition area set I hit the Porta pot a bunch of times with all the other ladies. Speaking with the other competitors I learned that compared to most I had probably over trained for the event. One women who had never completed even one running race didn't do even one pool or open water training. WHAT?


We had a wave start, in water start. I walked myself down to the swim Porta pot and met up with my friend Kate. We stood in line for about an hour and had to run to the beach and I was ready to go.

But first I want to tell you about the water conditions. The water was white cap rough. Large waves. The other swimmers going out looked much slower than I expected. It was because of the waves. I found myself thinking of my training and that women who didn’t do even ONE swim session pre-race. Oh man, poor her. Preparation is important!
Stay tuned for the swim recap!