Iron Girl 2013 race recap… The swim

When I last left you, I was watching the waves and the other swimmers head out to complete their Iron Girl task Accomplishment.

The course was a straight shot across a small inlet area. As I watched, I was shivering, both from shear terror anticipation and from the freezing cold wind. It was a chilly windy morning. I had decided against the wet suit and decided to wear x2 top and Castelli bottoms. It was a good choice for a few reasons. Mainly because it was easier in the Porta pot!

Also because they didn’t ride up the entire race!


My friend Kate and I realized that though the race was running late, I had only a few minutes till my age group started! Kate is 10 yrs my jr. and started a few waves behind me.

As quickly as I couldat the speed of a turtle in bare feet, on medium sized stones, I got myself down to the start and stepped into the water. (I noticed later that I cut my heal and my toe on that little jaunt, oh well)

The water felt warm compared to the air, I believe the race heads said the water was between 65-68 degrees. I was glad it felt warm and proceeded to get in up to my neck. My age group competitors were PUMPED! So, in typical Erin fashion I teared up and send out loud whoops and excited yells. (everyone was doing it, come on!) after about 15 min in the water, waves pushing and pulling, women yelling (and crying) with excitement- WE WERE OFF! The first part of my first Tri sprint!

The first things I noticed as I swam, one person immediately needed help, waves were all up in my face, and everyone was saying “sorry”, “sorry”, “sorry”. We were kicking each other or slamming arms down on others and simply letting the accosted know that we cared and didn’t mean it. Ladies can be so nice, when we want to be!

Back with my head in the water-Man, the waves were huge! I caught a few in the face and decided it was breast stroke/Tarzan swimming water. I swallowed more sea water than my share on the swim. I rounded the first marker and my fears faded. It was still very rough but I had a little heart-to-heart with myself.

I said “Erin. The only way you are getting out of this water is to swim!” So I did. (Gotta love those self heart-to-hearts they get me every time)

Girls were dropping like flys grasping for floats or help. I found out later some competitors threw-up or just out and out cried there way in. I have to admit I did choke on the water smashing into my face from time to time…and if I had my wetsuit on I know I would have felt nauseous.
I saw the beach and gunned it the best I could, trying to ride any possible waves to shore. Hit my hand one, two,three,four times to the beach got up and ran. I had made it safely to shore. I shook someone’s hand and gave a high five. Trying not to tear up (yea, it’s a thing with me) saw my parents

20131101-085035.jpgand with a huge smile and a wave I was off to the change into my shoes and hop on the bike.

Into the transition area I thought of all I’d read. Drink, shoes, wipe down, only get on the bike when allowed- helmet must be on or disqualification! Transition went so smooth and I was through the corral and on the bike.


With a ‘user error’ bike start, (uugh me) the bike went great.

The bike…Coming up.