What’s up 2015!?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last you heard from me I had big plans for 2014. Those plans didn’t entirely pan out. A big toe injury, a couple bum knees, and a bruised ego was the reason.

I’m feeling myself again and, if you follow my Twitter or Instagram accounts @erintris, you have seen me return with renewed confidence.

So, let’s get right down to it! The main deets add up to 2 full marathons, 2 half marathons, a sprint triathlon a trip to France and a bunch of fun runs in between.

It’s going to be a great year!

Race run down for 2015:

Winter 5k race series ( brrrr, maybe)
Kent Metric full marathon
Chester County half marathon
Half Sauer half kraut full
Vines to wine 5k
Good neighbor day 10k
Cx 5 k race series
Irongirl sprint
RNR Philly half
Trip to France!!!
Philly full
Turkey trot 5k


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