A little about me

Hi and thank you for stopping by!

A little about myself, fitness and health wise, I am a certified personal trainer and Tabata boot camp instructor.  I have completed 5 full marathons and countless half marathons and many more countless 5k, 10k, 15k. My fastest Marathon to date is the Philly Marathon 2013 4:22.  I live in the Philly area and love running but not on the treadmonster!  For some reason when I get on the treadmonster all my energy get’s completely sapped.  I swear they are taking my energy to keep the lights on!  LOL.  I have completed an Irongirl sprint Triathlon and have become hooked!

My day job, is at a civil engineering office where I do tasks such as lot yields and analysis’s, flood plain/wetland diliniation, review zoning and subdivision land development ordinances and create sketches.  I pretty much can get you everything you need to know about a property before you decide to buy it and develop it!  This all probably sounds Greek to you, but I love it.  I am also the director of communications and member services for the Chester County Engineers.  I do the webpage and the books and send out the e-mails for meetings.  I am also a part of Bayboatbuzz.com.  We are new on the web and are growing stronger every day. If you have a boat you want to sell we can list it for CHEAP.  If you want to buy a boat, we have a lot of good ones. Check it out!

I have two dogs, Lilly my Jack Russell and Tucker my rescue that we believe is a lab/irish wolfhound mix. Lil is small and Tuck is big. They are both very kind and lovable and love running as much as I do!

I enjoy good wine that doesn’t cost a lot and good food.  I am gluten free, if I may say so myself, a pretty darn good cook and baker! I own my own house and love where I live.

Stick around and read a few things and if the mood strikes, leave a comment!


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