Race run down

2015-this year I have an aggressive plan! Onwards and upwards!

Kent Metric full marathon
Chester county half marathon
Half Sauer half kraut full
Vines to wine 5k
Good neighbor day 10k
Cx 5 k race series
Irongirl sprint
RNR Philly half
Philly full
Turkey trot 5k

2014 ok. 2014 did not go as planned. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram @erintris you know I injured my right big toe early 2014 and then after finishing the RNR Philly half I needed to go in for another set of Orthovisc shots. So the races I completed are: philly RNR half and the 2014 Turkey Trot.

Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon
ACAC indoor Sprint Tri
Kent Island Metric Half (with my niece Sara!)
Duathalon (first ever!)
Wines to vines 5k
Trail Blazers 5k
Half Saur Half Kraut Half
Philly TriRock (first Olympic length!!)
Good Neighbor day 10k
Tolsdorf 1 mile
CX 5k Race Series
Delaware Vally triathlon (Olympic length)
Philly Rock n’ Roll Half
Brian’s Run 5 miler


Ocean Drive marathon 5:24:52 pace-12:23 (coming back from a knee injury)
Kent Island Metric Half 1:23:23 pace-10:14
Vines to Wine 5K- finished
Trail Blazers 5k- finished
half Saur half kraut half marathon 2:02:20 pace-9:20
Good Neighbor Day 10k 56:01 pace-9:02
Tolsdorf 1 mile 7:03 placed 3rd female
CX 5k Series:(3 races)
– race 1- 25:55
– race 2- was feeling under the weather, didn’t complete
– race 3- 25:59 (9th place female)
IRON Girl Triathlon overall 1:22:20 (Swim 19:26,T1 3:55, Bike 31:44, T2 1:35, Run 25.40 (pace- 8:16)
Philly Rock n Roll half 1:58:17 pace- 9:00:59
Philly Marathon 4:22:11 pace- 9:59:59
Turkey Trot – Finished (My niece Sara’s First 5K!!! You go Girl!)

Kent Island Metric Marathon 2:31:39 pace-9:18
Half Sauer Half Kraut Marathon 4:41:52 pace-10:45

Miles for Myeloma5k 31:31 pace-10:08
ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon 2:05:41 pace-9:35
Wineglass Marathon 4:47:38 pace-10:58

Mommy’s Light 5k Run 27:09 pace-8:44
Good Neighbor day 15k 1:25:41 pace-9:11

Dash for Diabetes 5k 29:36 pace-9:31
Downingtown Good Neighbor Day Race 15k 1:31:56 pace-9:51

Good Neighborday Run for Life 10K 1:01:01 pace-9:49

Radnor Red Run 5k Steeplechase 30:30 pace-9:49

Rock n’Roll Half Marathon VA beach 2:35:10 pace-11:50

Broad Street Run 10M 1:37:43 pace-9:46
Rock n’Roll Half Marathon VA beach 2:46:02 pace-12:40

Utica Boilermaker 1:52:44 pace-12:05
Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon VA beach 2:30:01 pace-11:27
Philadelphia Marathon 5:59:19 pace-13:42

Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon VA Beach 2:32:31 pace-11:38

Brians Run 10k 1:15:11 pace-12:05

Brians Run 5k 34:30 pace-11:06


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