Weight loss roadblock. I know what to do, but I am just confused right now. Part 3: Weight loss roadblock broken, stop it from returning

We have gone through Part 1: I know I have hit a weight loss roadblock, but how did this happen to begin with?  and Part 2: Making a plan to destroy my weight loss roadblock and established that I indeed caused this weight gain problem on my own and that I have all the necessary tools in my arsenal to destroy my weight loss roadblock.  You are probably asking, what is the issue Erin, why are you so confused?

In conclusion,  Part 3: Weight loss roadblock broken, stop it from returning

I’m confused because I can make a plan and stick to it and create goals, work towards them, and reach my goals better than imagined, but the issue is, I’m not seeing my weight drop in the amount of time I want. My impatience makes me question what I know is tried and true success tools and question if I’m using those tools the way I need to, to see results. I am question myself and that confuses me!

How does one, clear up this confusion?  the truthThe truth is. Everyone is different. I believe through test and result the tools in my arsenal will give the results I seek and I am executing them correctly, it just takes time. I know, I cringe every time I hear that answer too.  What I can definitively say at this point is – results obtained over time stick with us. I know this, if I am consistent in using my trusted tools I will learn the process and then make the process a habit where I won’t need to think twice if I am doing it correctly or not to succeed. That is what we want is it not?  To create and stick to a plan that is successful and make sticking to that plan a habit for long time use?  Of Course! Yes! Jump up and down! We just realized that we already knew something great and now we can take action!

Confusion crushed, weight loss roadblock DESTROYED!

Using what I have learned and knowing my successful weight loss experiences with “Body for Life”, “The Clean Eat Diet”, and “This is why you are fat…”, I have attached for you, a sample 7 day beginner meal plan and fitness program that works for me. I have taken all three of the tools I have discussed in this series, moshed them together the way they worked best for me and put it down on paper for you.  I know this program will also work for you.

Speaking shortly about habits, it is said, that after 7 days of consistently completing a task a person can change their daily routine and call that task a habit.  We make habits every day with out even noticing it. I agree with this idea but will take it a step further and say that after 7 weeks of consistently completing a task a person can make that habit concrete.

If you are struggling with starting, remember and say to yourself, “it is only 7 days to create this habit, just 7 days, I can do this!”.  You can do this! I believe in you! In just 7 days you will be well on your way to destroying your own weight loss roadblock and onto a healthy long life.

Love the Lucky # 7! Enough babbling, on to bigger and better things.  Take a gander at the sample 7 day meal plan and fitness program, review it, use it, make it your own with your own macronutrients, you got this!

Erintris sample 7day meal and fitness