Weight loss roadblock. I know what to do, I am just a little confused right now.

That was the old me, but the bowl of snacks was bigger!

That was the old me, but with a bigger snack bowl!

I am having trouble losing weight I gained during my 12 months of off season.   This is not an easy task and is not for the faint of heart, but can be done!  I thought if I wrote my thoughts out here, on my blog, it would help me and any others work through the ins and outs of breaking down weight loss roadblocks.

There are 3 parts to this post.

Part 1: I know I’ve hit a weight loss roadblock, but how did this happen to begin with?
Part 2: Making a plan to destroy my weight loss roadblock.
Part 3: Mission accomplished, stop your weight loss roadblock from returning.

Now that is one heck of a road block!

Now that is one heck of a road block!

Part 1: I know I’ve hit a weight loss roadblock, but how did this happen to begin with?

Have you ever been at a spot in the year when there is a break in your training schedule or you are taking a lot more rest days then you normally would?  Do you also feel that you are having trouble getting out of bed? That it’s either too cold or too hot out or the sun either doesn’t get up when you do or it goes down before you get out of the office?   During this time do you eat too many good foods and too many of the bad foods?  Are you 5-10lbs heavier than your normal weight and 15-20lbs above your racing weight?

I DO and am exactly in all of those spots right now.  It seems too cold AND too dark, I am eating too many of good AND bad foods and am staying in bed way too long.  If my scale is correct, I am roughly 15lbs (who am I kidding, 20lbs) above my ultimate goal race weight. OUCH!

I’ve wondered “what’s wrong with me?” saying too, “this is not like me at all.”  hamberger helperI have talked to doctors and psychologists, asking “why am I not motivated and why can’t I be as strict and where is my stick-to-a-tive-ness that I am used to in my life?”  No doctor has an answer for me.  They either don’t know me or health and fitness and it’s tolls on the human psyche well enough to give me an answer that I can truly grasp on to. This lack of professional insight leaves me to think (and think too much) about why I have hit this weight loss roadblock.

From my experiences and extensive health and fitness reading I can say that too much of a good thing is never a good thing. (Now, now, I am talking about weight loss roadblocks, not money,  vacation, or love).

I have also learned the following;

;Consuming sugar makes one want to consume more sugar, if not burned up right away becomes a cushy bum or a nice set love handle.  Carbohydrates (lovingly called “carbs”) when eaten in amounts more than what the body can use as fuel, is broken down and the body stores it just in case you will use it later. Warning: it doesn’t burn easily after storage.



We can assume then that carbs if not used up during a workout or a hard work day, has the same effects as sugar. ie. Too many carbs make you crave carbs.

;Consuming fat and salt in large quantities has the same effect as sugar. So we can assume from the information above about sugar that these extra amounts of fat and salt not used during a workout or a hard day of work, are stored in the body.

;Laziness begets laziness, I am not talking about a person who doesn’t work, or who doesn’t clean, walk their dogs, play with their cats, clean their dishes, etc.  I am talking, fit laziness.  The “ah I can take a break today”, next day “I can take a break today”, next month ” I haven’t gotten off this chair to run in months, I can take a break today” type of laziness. I personally create a fear of pain or incapability. Here, I’ll explain, after I have had a bout of fit laziness, I get struck with fear that my chest will hurt if I start running again, or that I may not be able to jump as high during a HIIT workout, I essentially spook myself out of getting up and moving my fanny. Does that happen to you?

mmm, pizza.

mmm, pizza.

;Calories in Calories out.  We have all heard this phrase when talking about weight loss.  Yes, it is true, if you put more calories in to the body then you take out, like during a run or water aerobics, the extra calories will increase your total body weight. This concept seems so cut and dry, so easy pee-zee. What, though, if you have the body type that after 2 months of reducing your calories IN and increasing your calories OUT you find, your cloths fitting better, your family and friends noticing your hard work, but your scale, DOESN’T BUDGE! (Please note, I do believe that for most cases weight should not be a defining factor in health, but if you swim, bike, run or do all three you know that weight does matter. I digress…) If you didn’t know this yet, I’m talking about myself here people.

3 months of hard work then BOOM! I am 10 lbs lighter.

3 months of hard work then BOOM! I am 10 lbs lighter.

I know that if I look at the scale for the first 3 months of a program I will see minimum scale movement, but day one of month 3 BOOM, I’m 10lbs lighter… we will talk more about that in Part: 2.

For now, knowing these 4 basic ideas helps me see HOW my road block was created.  It is true, I did eat too many gluten free cookies, cakes, and pies.  I did eat too many beef burgers and braised short ribs out, I did consume way too much wine and fancy drinks.

Come to think of it, no I didn’t run, cycle, swim or take fitness classes to burn up the extra macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) I am putting into my body. Knowing this allows for me to start down the path to destroying my weight loss roadblock.

Now that I have acknowledged that I have hit a weight loss roadblock and how it was created, my next post: “Weight loss road block. I know what to do, I am just a little confused right now.” Part 2: “Making a plan to destroy my weight loss roadblock” will bring us through proven ways to break down weight loss roadblocks and which way works best for me.


What’s in store for 2-0-1-4?

This year will be a little less race intense, but more body fit intense.

I am hitting up the 2014 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East Coast Conference to earn important credits and gain important fitness knowledge.

I am getting certified in TABATA Bootcamp, this way I can get you in shape this summer at morning bootcamp (keep watching for more info!)

I am looking at a few races, many of what I have done before, actually almost all – this year is a year for comfort and see if I can beat my times!! I am getting faster you know, did you see my last year race times? If not, view my race rundown page. I will also be running with my niece Sara who has completed her first 5k last year and has set her sights on the Kent Island metric Half this year! (I am so proud!)

So after all the blabbing, here is the draft list…

Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon
Kent Island Metric Half (with my niece Sara!)
Wines to vines 5k
Trail Blazers 5k
Half Saur Half Kraut Half
Good Neighbor day 10k
Tolsdorf 1 mile
CX 5k Race Series
Philly Rock n’ Roll Half
Brian’s Run 5 miler

Any suggestions for races for me? RAGNAR, anyone need an extra? Tri? Comment below!

Iron Girl Race Day Recap… The Run

As I was saying… the sun was shinning and the wind was at my back. Man-was I pumped. You would think one would be tired after swimming in a typhoon and riding a bike through a wind tunnel! Just kidding, it wasn’t all that bad, it was behind me now. I was smiling, laughing, yes tearing up, and chatting with the ladies along the route.

The route was fast and flat, a small turn around and then head back to the finish!

I have to say, I was pushing it. Didn’t need that Gu I had in my pocket, I was running off of pure excitement, Joy, and adrenaline!

I chatted with one or two ladies who were passing me, we said things like “you are awesome, keep it up!” and “See you at the finish line!”

Before I knew it the run was over! What the heck, the whole race was over! The race that I had prepared for for how many months, swimming many times a week, running, more times a week, and trying to bike as much as mentally possible. It all paid off, can I tell you (you probably already guessed this) but I am tearing up right now! I probably will each and every time I re-read these posts.

The excitement, the exhilaration, the joy of going through the finish line is so amazing, everyone in their life must once feel the feeling of working hard to complete a goal and then completing it, and completing it well. It is a feeling of a life time, it is addicting and it makes you say – I am ready for another!

I finished, man did I finish! I was so pumped with adrenaline I think I talked with over 50 women and met the winner. She was so nice! Competing in a race or sport that you love makes you a happy person. I swear. As Reese Witherspoon’s character ELLE WOODS in Legally Blonde put it “…exercise gives endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands!”

Happy people just don't kill their husbands!

Happy people just don’t kill their husbands!

Up next… my race times and how they compare to my pre race goals!

Iron Girl 2013 Race Day Recap… The Bike

Jogging out of the transition area, hit the line and jumped on my bike. The gears were too low, so (and here is where my user error occurs) I proceed to ‘cross my chains’ What? YES. Now my pedals would not move forward. Any of you out there that have had a 6 gear Iron Man quality bike know that when your chains cross, you are not going anywhere till you uncrossed them. I am not an experienced rider, if I were I probably could have stayed on the bike and shifted till I was in the clear, but I had to dismount. Not, though, before I gave a big smile to the camera guy and rode past him. Can’t have a bad picture, now can we?

bike pic 2

Dismounted, not many riders passed me, I clicked my gears and hand pedaled my pedals until I was clear to go, I think this took about 6-8 min off my time. Lesson Learned. And off I rode.

The wind was at my face, side, back, and other side, ( that is called ‘coming from all directions’, thank you narrator in my head) and I pushed. The view was so pretty, the Bay on one side and trees on the other, the sun was shining down and the sky was light blue. I was having an experience of a life time! I pretty much passed everyone, all you could hear was “passing on your left” as I passed each Iron girl. I hit the turn around and kept up the pedaling. “Passing on your left” was what I said, and “you go girl!”, “right on sister”, and a few other motivational phrases were yelled back to me. Before I was completed the bike I was passed by probably 3 ladies. I was pleased!bike pic 1

Into the transition I went, quick, quick. Pro-compression visor that matched my Pro-compression socks, CHECK!


NUUN at the ready, Mike’s recovery drink and a GU and I was running out of the transition area. I waved to my parents and down the road I went.

The wind had died down now and at my back, the sun was shinning and I was pumped for the run!

Why (I think) I got a PR, 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon

Just too cute not to post!

Just too cute not to post!

I was talking about how I was so confused with the ‘taper’ and that I wasn’t sure what to do or why, but coming out of my last race (PR!) I think I have a slight handle on it. (phew)

The week before my 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon PR I did the following workouts:

Monday: Rested, Tuesday: tempo 4 mile, Wednesday: Riding and Turbo Fire, Thursday: easy 5k race, Friday: Rest Saturday: Race Day!

What I ate: Veggies, Fruits, Rice, Quinoa, Fish, and Pasta [the night before]. My calorie intake was not much higher than normal but just enough. I drank Nuun  during the day and Mikes Recovery drink after workouts.
love fruit and veg

I slept: Great almost every night, kept a positive, no worry, no stress attitude about the whole thing and reminded myself of how much I loved the course. I did some light visualizing and a lot of positive self talk.the more i run

So what do I think took me to my PR? (in no specific order)

– The AMAZING constant unending love, support, and encouragement from my family and friends.
– Cross Training (Turbo Fire and Riding)
– Ate less than the past, but more carbs overall
– Less Stress, less planning, less worrying overall
– LOVE of the course and love of the sport
– Tempo runs
– Hydration


My finishers medal!

My finishers medal!

What do you think helps you do best at your races?

Taper week and Training by the numbers for last week

This week is taper week, for my upcoming 13.1 race.



Tapering has always been so confusing and difficult for me. Some say rest and eat! Others say do 60% of your normal training and eat 60-70% carbs of your total calorie intake. I’ve also read the 10 days before a half or full to complete Tempo runs, weights and cross train and that gaining weight is ok?! All of this information makes my head spin! I always try to taper but I am never sure if it was a success or not. This upcoming week I plan to do a dash of strength and stretching, a dab of Tempo, a pinch of cross training and a 5k…oh yea and a rest day. I am going to eat veggies,fruits,rice and quinoa, some protein and see how I do.

Should be a nice run!

Should be a nice run!

Last weeks training numbers:
Fire 55ez
Fire 30 x 2
Turbo sculpt
Turbo Tone
Fire 45
22 miles run
40 min stationary bike time
Jillian Micheals 6 week 6 pack abs
1 hour Riding
Are you confused by the Taper?
Do you have any suggestions for me on how I should taper for my 13.1 race on Saturday?

Cross Training, What?! What?!

So, we all know, when you are running and getting ready for OR are in-between road races, it is a good idea to switch-it-up. A little biking here, a few weights there, a huge dose of Turbo Fire, and a pinch of some new exciting activities to keep you motivated, fit, and not always using those same muscles over and over.
Staying along the lines of keeping my body fresh for upcoming events (and just for the pure fun of it!) I have revisited a(n) workout activity that I really enjoy. This activity scares me, excites me, and make my total body WORK! (you better work!)

Horseback Riding!

Horseback Riding!

I rode a little in college, then about 10 years ago I rode a little but just recently decided that I wanted to get back (A’HEM) “on the horse again”(sorry, there was no stopping me,I just had to say it!)

I ride at Great Scott Farms, Malvern PA, I was riding Nelly last evening and my Trainer is Emily! Emily is so great!!!

My Trainer Emily Corkhill, Great Scott Farms

My Trainer Emily Corkhill, Great Scott Farms

I feel so at ease, the most I ever have, and last night Emily said I had a really nice bit of a trot (so motivating!). Go me! Everyone at the Farm is so nice. Connor,the Manager and Head Trainer, and Lindsey, also an excellent Trainer, make everyone feel right at home; like you are one of the group, even me, with my half chaps on backwards and everything!
Please, check them out at http://www.greatscottfarm.com/ and their Trainers page http://www.greatscottfarm.com/Our-Staff.html.

If you are up for a ride, we can go together!

Is this how you do the photo shoot 'pose'? I think Nelly has other opinions about the matter...

Is this how you do the photo shoot ‘pose’? I think Nelly has other opinions about the matter…

…stay tuned for information about my amazing massage with Shelly and infrared sauna at In Light Studios, Wagontown, PA

What ‘switch-it-up’ activity have you incorporated into your workouts lately?