What’s in store for 2-0-1-4?

This year will be a little less race intense, but more body fit intense.

I am hitting up the 2014 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East Coast Conference to earn important credits and gain important fitness knowledge.

I am getting certified in TABATA Bootcamp, this way I can get you in shape this summer at morning bootcamp (keep watching for more info!)

I am looking at a few races, many of what I have done before, actually almost all – this year is a year for comfort and see if I can beat my times!! I am getting faster you know, did you see my last year race times? If not, view my race rundown page. I will also be running with my niece Sara who has completed her first 5k last year and has set her sights on the Kent Island metric Half this year! (I am so proud!)

So after all the blabbing, here is the draft list…

Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon
Kent Island Metric Half (with my niece Sara!)
Wines to vines 5k
Trail Blazers 5k
Half Saur Half Kraut Half
Good Neighbor day 10k
Tolsdorf 1 mile
CX 5k Race Series
Philly Rock n’ Roll Half
Brian’s Run 5 miler

Any suggestions for races for me? RAGNAR, anyone need an extra? Tri? Comment below!


Pre-Race massage

I try to get a pre-race massage before any of my big races, with my 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half just around the bend I called up Shelly at Inlight Studios for a massage and tried out the Infrared Sauna.

Shelly is my go to massage therapist. She is great. A great person who is very knowledgable in all her skills. Shelly is an Ironman, Spin instructor, runs and of course swims (just to name a few of her skills/accomplishments)~ and has let me borrow her awesome Tri K2 road bike for my first Sprint Tri in September. I am so happy to have met her!

Infrared saunas offer many health benefits including:
•Reduce Blood Pressure
•Increase Your Core Body Temperature
•Aid in Weight Loss (up to 600 calories in one hour)
•7x MORE Detoxification than a Traditional Sauna
•Pain Relief
•Better Circulation
•Skin Purification

I love a good sauna to begin with, but this was extra great; especially right before my massage. Shelly says the Infrared Sauna heats you from the inside, that is what makes it different from the normal everyday gym sauna.

I think I was probably calmer, more relaxed, and (in my own words) less tense and easier to massage after the Infrared Sauna. I tend to be a bit robot-ish and stiff.

Going forward, I will not get a massage without being in the Infrared Sauna first. I strongly suggest you try it out for yourself!

Do you get a pre-race or post-race massage? Or do you get both?