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1/30/2015 –

The big to do this week – Got bangs cut and took my dark brown hair to a Julianne Moore red.  Loving it. Still letting it grow.

The OTHER big to do this week –  I signed up for the 1/2 Saur 1/2 Kraut Marathon in June and the Chester County Half Marathon in May.  I am thinking about running the Broad Street run (10 miler, May) this year, I have run it before – best time ever back then. That race is ALL down hill and a really great motivator, but not a race you can compare your time with any other long distance run. It is also a very hard race to get into, registration is soon but when you register you are not really registered your name goes into a lottery and you find out later if you made it into the race or not. Everyone loves this race.

For most of this week I have a slight tummy ache, when I completed a Turbo Fire , Fire 45 DVD I was dieing, so this week hasn’t seen much HIIT, Tabata, or too much spin, running, or weight training. I am though, planning on running Tucker tomorrow morning.  He has a vet appointment, all normal shots and check up, and it is best for me (and him) if I get him good and tired before he goes in.  It is not that he doesn’t like the vet, he actually loves going in there, it is just that he barks and jumps when he sees other dogs.  An 85 lb Kangaroo like pup on a leash with me holding him down is neither fun for him, me, or the other dog/dog owner who may or may not be afraid of my loveable, social, yet big with a deep barking pup.

Till next week!



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